Why use Eco Arbor Designs Deck Tiles

Deck Tiles and Modular Raised Flooring Systems is what we do best.


We have been in the deck tile modular outdoor flooring business for over 13 years!

For 2018 we celebrate our 13th year in the business.  We have seen a lot of products come and go during that time from our competition. We are proud to say, not us!  As a result our product line has been fine tuned and re-designed over the years and only the best quality materials used.  The one thing that gives us chills and makes us happy is hearing about our decking tile flooring still in great shape after so many years.  We occasionally hear back from customers over 10 years ago that have decks that are still performing beautifully.  The reason is,  we used quality materials back then, and we continue to do so today. 

Our decking tile systems are a set it and forget it type of outdoor floor. Meaning, once the initiial investment has been made you will not have to re-do your floor for potentially your lifetime.  Our goal is bring value to your home by utilizing outdoor space and making that investment once.  By creating a stunning outdoor floor you are adding a tremendous value to your home or commercial space.  We have seen countless unused roof deck spaces being transformed with our flooring and become some of the most used living space.  We have been part of the green roof movement in cities across the nation starting in the great New York City where we are originally from.

We know roof decks and patios, so let us work with you and educate you on what we know works best.