Deck Tile Project Referral Program

Deck Tile Referral Program


Well make it worth your while to work with us again and again

Being that we have been in the deck tile and modular flooring business for over 13 years. We know a thing or two by now about our products and how they work.  Our focus has always been personalized service by working with our customers to achieve the results they want.  If the installtion doesnt go right, or the wrong system for the application is chosen, the job wont go right.  If our products are not a good fit, then we will tell you what is.   

We work with contracotrs, developers, and design professionals all over the US. What we have learned is that our customers are thrilled with our personalized service we provide.  We arent sales reps or generic customer service phone centers on the phone.  We are the principles and you will speak directly to us about each and every situation your project needs. 

Referaals are our number one way of obtaining new and permanent clients.  The reason for that is that our customers know what they have, a deck tile flooring professional ready to guide them in the right direction from sale to delivery and final installation and future maintenance. 

If you refer a friend or business contact to us we will issue a 10% discount on any future order for you or your firm.  We arent about taking one time sales, we are about building long lasting relationships. 

Call us and lets chat about your ideas or yoru future project plans  toll free 888 335 8453

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